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Production for Plush Underground is in progress.


Plush Underground is a weird, epic, comedy animation saga. This is a misrepresentation of Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground, married with Showbiz Pizza. In this urban fantasy, the main character, Donga Donk, harbors a God complex and reanimates a fury animatronic band with human brains. He programs them with original experimental music. The fluffy band members are surrogates for the brain's lingering memories, which they want to relive. This causes problems for Donga's goals.

What to Expect In the 4 Minute Premiere of Plush Underground Part 1

The story in this first chapter introduces Proll, who is an agent of Donga's rival, The Mousy Meat Club. Proll is brainwashed and programmed to sacrifices kids for "the greater good of all children" and gather statistical info for MMC, but all he really wants is a vacation on a deserted island and drinks with umbrellas.